GameMania New Version Preview
We set a main account and three sub-accounts for each user account.
Account Function
Main account: top up and withdraw
Sub-account: place bet
How it works
Every time after you top up your account, the money will be directly added to your main account. And only the money in your main account can be used for withdrawing, the money in the main account can't be used to play games directly.
So when you want to place a bet, you need to top up the Main Account, then transfer the money from your Main Account to sub-account which contains the game you want to play. After that you can use the money to place your bet.
Accordingly if you want to withdraw, you need to transfer the money from sub-account to the Main Account and then withdraw deposit from your Main Account.
This update will not affect your account and deposit. It just makes it much more secure for you to bet and withdraw.
Sport Contest Added
We bring you the much-anticipated Sports Betting!
A variety of types of Sports, such as soccer, basketball, cricket, rugby, tennis.
A series of national and International sports events which covers almost all the matches you want for selection.
Multiple betting mode
  • Single: by this way, each match’s odd is separated.
  • Multiple: The total odd depends on the matches’ odds which you bet on. If you want to win, you need to win all the matches which you bet on.
    The overall payout will be
    Total Odd= Odd1*Odd2*Odd3*Odd4
  • Tap the match for more details and bet
  • After you bet on the matches, do not forget to enter the Betslip to confirm your total stake!
  • If you do not confirm the result, system will not accept your betting!
  • You can tap My Bet to find your Bet History.
    If you want to see more details about your bet, just tap the bet. The bet will unfold and show you the details.
Recent events:
  • Sept. 9
  • Sept. 10
New User Interface
Tap the tab on the bottom of the window to switch and see more details.
If you want to find more games, you can not only tap the tab on the bottom of the window, but also the More button above the game icons.
You can do quick operation by tapping the menu button.